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RICIN Biological Attack Prevented, Cologne, Germany


When: June 12, 2018

Location: Cologne, Germany

Attacker: Sief Allah H. (last name held for legal privacy)

Weapon(s): RICIN biological toxin

Type of attacker: Self-radicalized (Islamic extremist contacts)


On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, police in Cologne, Germany arrested 29-yr-old Islamic extremist Sief Allah H. (last name held for legal privacy) for violation of Germany’s War Weapons Control Act. Sief had been planning a deadly RICIN biological attack in Germany. RICIN is a deadly biological toxin that can be extracted from castor beans. He had succeeded in manufacturing the biological poison. Although not currently clear as to how police were tipped off, there are some statements that U.S. intelligence provided a tip.

Sief, who lived with his wife and four children, at the time, has had no known association with a terrorist organization. However, it was noted that he does have and maintains contact with Islamic extremists. Sief has acquired a reported 1,000 castor beans online in addition to a coffee grinder. He reportedly followed instructions for manufacturing RICIN from an Islamic extremist Internet posting. He had also purchased bomb-making materials, as well as the chemicals required for the manufacture of RICIN. Sief’s target was not immediately apparent. Investigation continues.


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