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Waffle House Shooter Subdued by Customer

When: April 23, 2018, Waffle House shooting (See RECENT ATTACKS)

Location: Antioch, Tennessee

Attacker: Travis Reinking, 29

Victims: 4 dead, 4 injured
Weapon(s): AR-15 semi-automatic rifle

Type of attacker: Mental health issues

Hero: Subdued and weapon confiscated by 29-yr-old James Shaw Jr.


On Sunday, April 22, 2018, 29-yr-old Travis Ranking approached the Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House restaurant wearing only a jacket and armed with a loaded AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. He shot and killed two victims outside, then entered and continued shooting. Inside he killed one other and wounded a fourth who later died in the hospital, as well as injuring four others. Four were killed, and four were injured.

While Ranking was reloading, customer James Shaw Jr. took the opportunity to rush and subdue him. Shaw took away the weapon, no doubt saving more lives and injuries. Ranking was able to escape the scene nude and was captured 34 hours later hiding in a nearby woods. Humbly, Shaw stated he was not a hero, although even law enforcement officials found his reaction to be “unfathomable. Shaw went on to raise over $230,000 for victim’s families.





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